Czech Republic

About our school...

ZŠ Komenského ul. is a primary school located in north-east Bohemia in Trutnov, the second largest town of the region with the populaiton of approximately 36.000. The school provides education to children from 6 to 16 years. It aims at educating children with special needs, underpriviledged children and their integration to major society. We educate children who come from minority nations living in our country. We work with children coming from communities with higher level od criminality and other sociapathological phenomena.

On the other hand our school offers sport classes aimed at cross-country skiing, basketball and outdoor sports (rock-climbing, canoeing, cycling, MTB etc.) and works with gifted children. Participation of students from both groups in such project will give them opportunity wotk together, meet new people and learn about different nations, cultures and also strengthen their interest in learning foreign languages.