About our school...

Our school is a village school 100 km far away from Samsun which is a big city in Turkey. Physical structures of the school cannot meet our needs. We have no place to use except our classes such as laboratory, sports hall etc.

In the region our school located there are serious socio-economic and educational problems. The main livelihood of families is agriculture and also there are some state benefits. Moreover, the education level of families is very low.

After compulsory schooling the percentage of high school attending is 10%. There are so many reasons behind it such as economic problems and negative thoughts on education. This conditions are very discouraging for primary school students. Broken families, violence in the family, gender discrimination, lacking of technologic innovations are getting harder the education process for teachers. These conditions make more difficult the career development of our school staff and make them bored and tired.

This international school partnership project is the first international experience for all students end teachers. In favor of this project we will have a chance to see the beneficial applications and approaches in other countries. This will motive us to learn foreign languages, expand our horizon, give us an unforgettable experience.